Flutter Simple AppBar Tutorial with Examples

The Flutter AppBar class is used to create a material design app bar that can display optional actions in the form of IconButtons. This widget is commonly displayed at the top of the screen with a fixed height.

In addition, the Flutter AppBar widget offers several properties that can be customized to enhance the look and functionality of the AppBar. These properties include actions, backgroundColor, primary, and title, among others.

By leveraging these properties, developers can customize their app bars to create a unique and visually appealing user interface. For example, they can add buttons to the app bar that perform certain actions, set a specific background color to match the overall theme of the app, and determine whether the app bar should be the primary focus of the screen.

Syntax :

   title: /some title/,
   actions: [
     //array of widgets that take some actions

In this Flutter application, we will create a basic user interface consisting of an AppBar and a Scaffold. The AppBar will display a simple title, which we will set to “AppBar Tutorial”. This will provide a clear and concise heading for the user and make it easier for them to understand the purpose of the application. The Scaffold will serve as the primary container for our application, providing a convenient layout for the app’s content. By using these two widgets in conjunction, we can create a clean and user-friendly interface for our Flutter application.

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