Hello World Example – Android

In this tutorial, we show you how to create a simple “Hello World, TechAndroidHub Always With You.Android project in Android Studio.

All the Steps Given Below For develop android app easily.

First Install Android Studio.

First of all you have to download android studio to make android application.
You can easily download and it’s available to all the users freely without any further hectic steps.

Now Start Android Studio.

It will Open Wizard called Quick Start Under the Quick Start menu,

click on Start a new Android Studio project.

On the Create New Project window that will open project information wizard and by default it will give your application name to techAndroidHelloWorld.

then you need to add package name that might contain your company name. you can give name as desired. In our case we have provided package name: com.techandroid.hub.hello.world

then choose where you want to store your project. So choose your project location.

Click on Finish.

Now Project has been created. Now Its Automatically Open MainActivity.java File. If not then go to that Path – (app -> src -> main -> java – > (your package name) -> MainActivity.java file ) For Opening MainActivity.java

In this File, I put Textview For write some Message otherwise anything for your use.

Now, Hello World App is Finish Now. and Finally Run your App. And Final Result will be given bellow.

Download Source Code of this App Given Below.

Hello World Example – Android

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