Month: May 2023

ConstraintLayout Example In Android

Android’s ConstraintLayout layout manager is strong and adaptable, enabling you to design intricate and responsive user interfaces. It enables you to specify restrictions (relationships) across views so they can adjust to various screen sizes and orientations. ConstraintLayout is a popular option for creating intricate and dynamic user interfaces since it performs better than nested layouts […]

Linearlayout Example In Android

Android’s LinearLayout, a versatile ViewGroup subclass, offers developers an efficient and intuitive way to arrange child View elements in a linear fashion. You can check Linearlayout Example in Android Project. By leveraging the orientation property, LinearLayout facilitates seamless organization of child views either horizontally or vertically. With its ability to create single or multi-row, multi-column […]

Edittext Implementation in Kotlin

Android EditText is a fundamental component that allows users to input and edit text within an application. In this blog post, we will explore the implementation of EditText in Android using the Kotlin programming language. We will cover the essentials of working with EditText, including basic usage, input validation, event handling, and customization options, to […]

TextView Implementation in Kotlin

Android app development, the TextView plays a crucial role in presenting textual information to the user. Whether it’s displaying static text, dynamic content, or even richly formatted text, the TextView is an indispensable user interface component. A simple XML code of TextView in a layout is shown below. mainactivity.xml TextView supports multiline text display and […]

Implementing a simple Container with Text in Flutter

In Flutter, the Container widget is a useful and frequently used widget. It can be tailored to create more intricate layouts with borders, shadows, and other decorations, or it can be used to build straightforward boxes to hold other widgets. The Container widget’s primary function is to give padding and margin around other widgets. You […]

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