Kotlin – Create String Array

Kotlin is a modern, expressive programming language that is gaining popularity among developers for its conciseness and versatility. One common task in programming is working with arrays, and Kotlin makes it straightforward to create and manipulate them. In this article, we’ll explore how to create a String array in Kotlin with various examples. What is … Read moreKotlin – Create String Array

Check Two Strings are Equal in Kotlin

String comparison is a common operation in programming, and it’s no different in Kotlin. Whether you need to validate user input, compare database values, or make decisions in your application, you’ll frequently encounter the need to check if two strings are equal. In this article, we will explore how to perform string equality checks in … Read moreCheck Two Strings are Equal in Kotlin

Multiline Strings in Kotlin

In Kotlin, you can write the multiple line String literal and enclose it in triple quotes to define a multiline string. Use String to trim the indentation if you would like to.In addition to triple quotes, there is a trimIndent() function. The leading whitespace from each line is eliminated using the trimIndent() function. Creating Multiline … Read moreMultiline Strings in Kotlin

Comparing Strings in Kotlin

Programming’s most basic operation, String comparison, lets us determine whether two strings are equal or whether one is larger or shorter than the other. There are various methods for comparing strings in Kotlin, a cutting-edge and expressive programming language. The many approaches and recommended techniques for comparing strings in Kotlin will be covered in this … Read moreComparing Strings in Kotlin

How to Find Kotlin String Length

Programmers use strings as a fundamental building block to alter and display text. Knowing how to work with strings is essential in Kotlin, a popular programming language for Android app development and beyond. The measurement of a string’s length is a crucial component of String manipulation. To help you learn this crucial ability, we’ll go … Read moreHow to Find Kotlin String Length

Creating an Empty String in Kotlin

In Kotlin, making an empty String is a simple process. You can use the String constructor without any arguments or just allocate an empty set of double quotes (“”) to a variable. Here’s an Example The syntax to create an empty String using double quotes is Working with empty strings is something you’ll have to … Read moreCreating an Empty String in Kotlin

Kotlin – Initialize String

Programming language Kotlin is flexible and succinct, and it has been increasingly popular in recent years. The String data type in Kotlin, which represents a series of characters, is one of the fundamental data types. Each and every Kotlin developer should be able to initialise a String in Kotlin because it is a fundamental process. … Read moreKotlin – Initialize String

Kotlin String Operations with Example

In this tutorial, we shall learn different string operations that are available in Kotlin programming language. Introduction to Kotlin Strings Strings are a fundamental data type in programming, and Kotlin provides a rich set of functions and operations to work with them effectively. Whether you’re dealing with text parsing, formatting, or searching within strings, Kotlin … Read moreKotlin String Operations with Example

Numeric String Validation in Flutter

Identifying if a string represents a numeric number is crucial when working with user inputs or data validation in Flutter and Dart. In this blog post, we’ll look at a number of techniques for determining whether a string in Flutter is numerical using the Dart programming language. To assist you in efficiently implementing this functionality, … Read moreNumeric String Validation in Flutter