Clearing a TextField in Flutter

A TextField widget is frequently used in Flutter to collect user input. You might occasionally need to provide consumers the option to clear the text field and start over.

This article will examine various methods for clearing a TextField in Flutter.

There are some method of clear textfield value.

Method 1: Using TextEditingController

Using the TextEditingController class is one approach to delete all the contents of a TextField. This class enables programmatic manipulation of the TextField’s text value.

Here’s an Example of how a TextEditingController may be used to clear a TextField:

Create a TextEditingController instance:

TextEditingController _controller = TextEditingController();

Assign the controller to the TextField

  controller: _controller,
  // Other properties...

To clear the text field, call the clear() method on the controller:


Method 2: Setting the TextField Value to an Empty String

Setting a TextField’s value to an empty string is another way to clear it. A controller is not required for this procedure. How to do it is as follows:

Assign a value to the TextField using the controller or initialValue property:

  controller: _controller,
  // OR
  initialValue: 'Initial value',
  // Other properties...

To clear the text field, update the value to an empty string:

_controller.text = '';
// OR
_controller = TextEditingController(text: '');

Method 3: Using a GlobalKey

Alternatively, you can use a GlobalKey to clear a TextField. This approach requires you to provide a GlobalKey to the TextField widget. Here’s how you can do it:

Create a GlobalKey instance:

GlobalKey<FormFieldState> _formKey = GlobalKey<FormFieldState>();

Assign the key to the TextField:

  key: _formKey,
  // Other properties...

To clear the text field, call the reset() method on the key’s current state:



In Flutter, a TextField can be cleared in a variety of ways. To clear the text field’s state, use a GlobalKey, a TextEditingController, or set the value to an empty string. Pick the approach that best satisfies your requirements, then incorporate it into your Flutter application.

This post looked at three methods for clearing a TextField in Flutter. You can quickly incorporate text field clearing capability in your Flutter apps by following the step-by-step instructions. By giving people a simple mechanism to restart their input, you can improve the user experience.

When determining which approach to adopt, don’t forget to take the context and requirements of your particular use case into account. Utilise Flutter’s versatility to construct logical and user-friendly applications by experimenting with various methods.

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