Prefix and Suffix Icon in TextField

The TextField widget in Flutter provides a tonne of customization options for user input fields.

The ability to add prefix and suffix icons to the TextField, offering further visual signals or functionality, is one potent feature.

We’ll look at how to use prefix and suffix icons in a TextField to improve user input in your Flutter application in this blog post.

Why Use Prefix and Suffix Icons?

Prefix and suffix icons in a TextField can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Visual cues: Icons can provide context or visual hints to the user regarding the expected input format or purpose of the field.
  2. Functionality: Icons can be interactive, allowing users to perform actions such as clearing the input or opening a date picker.
  3. Aesthetics: Icons can enhance the overall look and feel of your user interface, adding a touch of visual appeal.

Implementing Prefix and Suffix Icons in a TextField

Now let’s look at how to add prefix and suffix icons to a TextField in Flutter.

Step 1: Import the necessary packages

Ensure that you have imported the required packages for using the TextField and Icon widgets:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

Step 2: Use the prefixIcon and suffixIcon properties

To add a prefix or suffix icon to a TextField, utilize the prefixIcon and suffixIcon properties of the TextField widget. Here’s an example:

  decoration: InputDecoration(
    prefixIcon: Icon(Icons.person),
    suffixIcon: IconButton(
      icon: Icon(Icons.clear),
      onPressed: () {
        // Perform action when the suffix icon is pressed
        // For example, clear the input field
    hintText: 'Enter your name',

The prefixIcon attribute in the code excerpt above is set to an Icon widget that contains the desired icon, in this example, Icons.person.

Additionally, we assign an IconButton widget with the clear icon, Icons.clear, to the suffixIcon field. The icons can be modified to suit your needs.

Step 3: Customize the appearance and behavior

You can use the different options offered by the InputDecoration class to further alter the prefix and suffix icons’ appearance and behaviour. For Example, you can change the icon’s colour, size, and padding to fit with the style of your programme.


By incorporating prefix and suffix icons in your TextField widgets, you can significantly enhance the user input experience in your Flutter application. Whether you want to provide visual cues, add functionality, or improve the overall aesthetics of your user interface, prefix and suffix icons offer valuable customization options.

Experiment with different icon choices and customize their appearance to align with your app’s design language. With Flutter’s flexibility and extensive widget library, you have the power to create compelling user experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Remember to strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal when using prefix and suffix icons. By providing meaningful icons and intuitive interactions, you can improve user engagement and make your app more user-friendly.

Start leveraging the power of prefix and suffix icons in your TextField widgets today and elevate the user input experience in your Flutter applications.

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