Mastering FlatButton in Flutter

In Flutter, FlatButton is typically used to display buttons that link to the application’s auxiliary features, such as viewing all of the files in the Gallery, launching the Camera, setting permissions, etc. FlatButton has lost value. Please switch to TextButton. In contrast to Raised Button, FlatButton lacks an elevation. Additionally, the button’s default colour is […]

Passing Data Between Flutter Screens

Multiple pages or screens that need to communicate and share data with one another are frequent in Flutter app development. Effective data sharing is crucial for building strong and linked Flutter apps, whether it be for user inputs, state information, or complex objects. This blog article will discuss various methods and recommended practises for transferring […]

ConstraintLayout Example In Android

Android’s ConstraintLayout layout manager is strong and adaptable, enabling you to design intricate and responsive user interfaces. It enables you to specify restrictions (relationships) across views so they can adjust to various screen sizes and orientations. ConstraintLayout is a popular option for creating intricate and dynamic user interfaces since it performs better than nested layouts […]

Linearlayout Example In Android

Android’s LinearLayout, a versatile ViewGroup subclass, offers developers an efficient and intuitive way to arrange child View elements in a linear fashion. You can check Linearlayout Example in Android Project. By leveraging the orientation property, LinearLayout facilitates seamless organization of child views either horizontally or vertically. With its ability to create single or multi-row, multi-column […]

TextView Implementation in Kotlin

Android app development, the TextView plays a crucial role in presenting textual information to the user. Whether it’s displaying static text, dynamic content, or even richly formatted text, the TextView is an indispensable user interface component. A simple XML code of TextView in a layout is shown below. mainactivity.xml TextView supports multiline text display and […]

Cardview In Androidx – Material Design

There are so many properties in Android Material Design. In this tutorial we discuss about cardview. In Material Design Cardview we can design so many things at creative way. Cardview – It is a material design component in 2014. It is very easy to use and understand for android developers. The main pupose of cardview […]

Wave Design Template Android App

Highlights of App: Wave Design Application is a Android Mobile Application. It has really clean and eye-catching interfaces with a perfect color scheme. In this App, I developed this template for Android Developer who can develop waves android mobile application. It is very clear des‌ign of waves app. In that App, I developed Cardview, RecycleView, […]

Simple Listview In Android – Example

Now, We are publish of simple listview example in Android Studio. In this example, We can give you simple introduction of Listview. It is basic example of Listview Tutorials. This example use for beginner user who dont know about the android. It is simple example of Listview Tutorials. Below are the code of the Simple […]

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