Retrieving the Value of a TextField

The Textfield is frequently used in Android applications to collect user input, and we may access the data from the text field using TextEditingController. In Flutter, the TextField widget allows users to enter text input. To retrieve the value entered by the user, you can leverage the TextEditingController class. In this article, we will explore […]

Multiline TextField in Flutter

The TextField widget in Flutter offers a practical method of obtaining user input. It accepts single-line input by default. However, you can use the maxLines property to create a multiline TextField in situations where you need to collect many lines of information. We will look at several elements of generating and using multiline TextFields in […]

Clearing a TextField in Flutter

A TextField widget is frequently used in Flutter to collect user input. You might occasionally need to provide consumers the option to clear the text field and start over. This article will examine various methods for clearing a TextField in Flutter. There are some method of clear textfield value. Method 1: Using TextEditingController Using the […]

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